Aluminium Roofing Singapore

Aluminium roofing is very popular in Singapore as aluminium tends to reflect heat better than steel thus keeping buildings cooler in Sunny Singapore. It is also able to resist corrosion and requires very little maintenance.

The cost of aluminium roofing is also very affordable compared to other metal roofing products. It is also quite durable and a longer lasting roofing system compared to galvanized steel. Aluminium roofing also looks great and will not require painting like galvanized steel would do. Aluminium roofing is lighter than steel, but softer, so it’s less of a load on your house’s structure.

At Yew Yi Engineering Singapore, we specialise in many different types of metal roofing products from steel, aluminium, zinc to even copper roofing. Whatever your needs are, we will be able to address it so that you get the type of metal roofing that best suits your needs. We have done roofing for many different types of houses and commercial buildings in Singapore. Our expert installers have a wealth of experience and our team are extremely knowledgeable in the area of metal roofing. Our products are made of top notch quality materials and we have also supplied roofing for top institutions in Singapore. Enquire with us and we can work out a favourable quote for your metal roofing needs.

Our metal roofing experts can discuss with you on what would be the best fit for your requirements. Please contact us on +65 6988 3042 / email us at You can also send us a quote request here.


aluminium roofing singapore