Copper Roofing Singapore –  Long Lasting, Low Maintenance & Affordable Roofing Option

There are many different styles of copper roofing available. Copper’s resistance to the elements make copper the ideal choice for many architects and choice of roofing for many commercial buildings in Singapore. Copper roofing is also value for money due to its low maintenance cost. Copper is also recyclable and carries a high salvage value.

Our copper roofing range of products are affordable and are made of high quality materials. They are highly durable and are well known for its longevity. They can last for centuries. In fact, it is the most longest lasting of all roofing materials. Copper roofs do not need to be coated and its beauty can well accentuate any type of building design.

We carry a wide range of choice of roofing materials in Singapore. Steel, Aluminium, Copper are the most popular roofing choice for Singapore Households and Commercial Buildings. Due to its exceptional longevity, metal roofing are the preferred choice for households and commercial buildings as they have a very low life cycle cost.

Our metal roofing experts can discuss with you on what would be the best fit for your requirements. Please contact us on +65 6988 3042 / email us at You can also send us a quote request here.

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