Re-roofing Singapore / Roof Repair/  Restoration Works- Quality workmanship at affordable prices

Roof repair and replacement is very common with houses in Singapore. So it is extremely important to work with a re-roofing Singapore specialist like Yew Yi Engineering, who will not only provide great service at affordable prices but will also ensure that the roofing materials that have been provided are of top quality so that your roof does not require regular repair works. If your roof is made from inferior quality products, it is better to switch to metal roofing as it is much more durable and can easily last for centuries.

Maintenance of roof is extremely important as it is the first to bear all the natural elements such as storm, heavy rain etc. A leakage in the roof can cause you so much of monetary and personal damage and affect the foundation of your house. A good roof is important to ensure the well being and security of your family and your belongings.

We, at Yew Yi Singapore, also provide roof restoration works. We will check thoroughly for all damages so that the roof can then be properly fixed and to reduce any potential problems from cropping up in the future. Our serviceman / technicians have indepth knowledge of roofing and are able to look out for issues with your roofing and fix it so that it does not end up worsening in future.

Our metal roofing experts can discuss with you on what would be the best fit for your requirements. Please contact us on +65 6988 3042 / email us at You can also send us a quote request here.

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